Vaccine Confidence Project — en enkätundersökning

2018-09-23 16:54:31
Marianne Bergström

Vaccine Confidence Project invites you and your team to take part in a survey within the study on attitudes of Healthcare Workers towards vaccines. Their views and opinions are really important to us, and will help us better understand how healthcare professionals in Europe feel about vaccination.

Please kindly share the survey with your team/co-workers, or please share on your social/online media accounst that they have access to if you would like to. The participation in the survey is voluntary and entirely anonymous and is a valued contribution to the global understanding of the area.

Thank you for your participation and support. The survey will take no more than a few minutes to complete. Below is the link to the survey:

This research study will use completely anonymous survey procedures from a large population pool in 28 European countries so that the participants cannot be identified. Participation is not expected to induce undue psychological stress or anxiety. All responses are treated with confidentiality and no personally identifiable information is held from answers. The data collected will not be linked to an external source (e.g. such as a Facebook account) if accessing the survey from a Facebook link. Information or data, which is not directly entered into the field boxes by the participant will neither be extracted, collected nor held. Subject participation is voluntary and there will be no compensation for the time taken to complete the survey.
The data will be collected and analysed anonymously and published in a technical report by the European Commission and in an article of a peer reviewed journal and may be presented at a national, and/or international conferences.

Kind regards,
Daria Tserkovnaya, BSc; MSc Public Health
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Facultee of Epidemiology and Population Health Sciences