ISPCAN 2024 i Uppsala

Datum: 2024-08-18 - 2024-08-21

The Congress theme ”Working Together to Protect Children in Times of Crises” will emphasize the difficult realities, new challenges that children face, and the innovative solutions our global community is employing in research and practice. The increasing violence, armed conflicts, the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change along with stress and cultural practices all threaten mental health and wellbeing. Child protection professionals and front-line workers are challenged more than ever to work with fewer resources to support children and families to become resilient beneficiaries of systems of protection. Crises and challenges, when shared in a a community of learning, present good opportunities for growth. We cordially invite you to the Congress to learn, share and network with child protection experts from across the world.

Registreringen öppnar den 1 februari 2024.

ISPCAN arrangeras i samarbete med Barnafrid och Linköpings Universitet.

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